custom made installations!

In case you are seeking bespoke content, our team can create games or applications according to your specifications. This content is not limited to a single projector setup and can be used on walls with unlimited size, multiple walls, or even entire interactive rooms.

Just 4 easy steps to get it!

1. Send us all valuable information

1. Send us all valuable information

Send us a video or photo of your space including your game idea.

2. We will send you a plan

2. We will send you
a plan

Visualisation of the design, technical setup sheet and an estimate for your approval.

3. Time for installation

3. Time for

Our team will install all the necessary equipment on site or we can send the hardware to you to make a self-installation based on the video tutorials.

4. Let's playthe game!

4. Let's play
the game!

We remotely install the game you selected
and calibrate the virtual world to the real wall
(good internet connection required).

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other ways to play
Components for touch wall installation

Self-installation package

The self-installation package is the recommended option for starting with INITI Playground as it provides an effortless setup process and includes 5 pre-installed games. If you have a single projector setup, this package is the ideal choice for you.

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Rental version, mobile touch wall

Rental for events

Order INITI Playground for both indoor and outdoor events, ranging from single-day to multi-month events. It is an ideal option for various occasions such as festivals, weddings, birthday parties, and conferences, offering a range of exciting games to entertain your guests.

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Dedicated to all public spaces!