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customized interactive walls

If you're looking for bespoke content, or maybe installation on multiple walls at once, our team can create games or apps to your requirements. This content is not limited to a single projector setup and can be used on walls of unlimited size, or even entire interactive rooms.

Just 4 easy steps to get it!

1. Send us all valuable information

1. Send us all valuable information

Send us a video or photo of your space including your game idea.

2. We will send you a plan

2. We will send you
a plan and pricing

Visualisation of the design, technical setup sheet and quotation for approval..

3. Time for installation

3. Time for

Our team will install all the necessary equipment on site or we can send the hardware to you to make a self-installation based on the video tutorials.

4. Let's playthe game!

4. Let's play
the game!

We remotely install the game you selected
and calibrate the virtual world to the real wall
(good internet connection required).

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Examples of the usecase:

For the Science Centre - Svět techniky in Ostrava, in cooperation with the StreetDog.cz studio, we created an interactive wall based on the word ROBOT, the authors of which are the brothers Josef and Karel Čapek. The goal of the game is to catch the electrical impulses that spread through the cables and charge them more by touching them to "bring to life" the several types of robots that have already become a natural part of our lives. The interactive wall is created by a combination of printed illustrations augmented by an interactive projection. Ilustration: Vojtěch Velický and Ai Stable diffusion.

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ROBOTS for Science centre, Ostrava

profile picture of the game for the national museum

An interactive installation at the National Museum in Prague. As part of the museum's "Children's Museum" section, our platform offers visitors 10 engaging and educational games, each based on a theme from the exhibition. Cooperation with Daniel Špaček and Floex.

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Educative games for National Museum, Prague

profile picture of the i360 nstallation for Expo Dubai

INITI Playground's 360-degree room installation at the Slovakia Pavilion for EXPO in Dubai. The immersive environment of the room encourages visitors to discover the wonders and music of Slovakia, while the interactivity provides a unique and unforgettable experience.

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360° Interactive room at Expo Dubai

profile picture of the game for Slovak national gallery

An award-winning interactive installation from the world of art at the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava. Explore the rich history of art in an educational and fun way, with an installation that won the National Design Award of Slovakia in 2020. Cooperation with author duo Fuczik&Kakalík.

Play buttonAward for creativity

Professor Hamster, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava

profile picture of the game with roller painter

Our interactive installation at DEPO2015's 'Sign Hunters' exhibition in Pilsen is an exciting cooperative game. Learn the importance of community efforts in maintaining a clean city by repainting walls with a paint roller while stopping advertisements from taking over.

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Visual spam, Playground with roller painter

profile picture of the game for Trnka's garden

Step into the magical world of legendary animator and illustrator Jiří Trnka with our interactive installation at the Trnka's Garden exhibition in GASK, Kutná Hora. Using his illustrations, our game brings his iconic characters to life and invites you to explore and play in this enchanting world. Cooperation with Matyáš Trnka.

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Trnka’s garden, GASK, Kutná hora

profile picture of the game for Maravian gallery

Join the adventure of the art collector, in our interactive installation featured at the Moravian Gallery in Brno. As part of the 'Brno suburb of Vienna' exhibition, our game takes you on a journey through the world of art collecting. Experience the hunt for priceless art pieces! Coop. with Alexey Klyuykov.

Play buttonAward for creativity

Adventure of art collector, Moravian Gallery

profile picture of the play in National theatre

Anticodes is theatre, visual and dance production based on Václav Havel’s collection of experimental poetry from 60's of the same name. Among other things, we have created a huge typewriter on a transparent screen on which the actors write live.

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Václav Havel: Anticodes, Laterna Magica, Prague

profile picture of the game for the Siggraph conference

A video showcasing the INITI Playground, an interactive wall installation presented at the SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles. For this occasion we have created a brand new game remake of the classic games Space Invaders and Asteroids called Save the Planet!

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INITI Playground at SIGGRAPH conference, L. A.

profile picture of the retro game

A blast from the past! Our retro-style game presented at Saint-Ex center in Reims. In the game the player is surrounded by a cast of hand-drawn characters in a cozy living room straight out of the 80s. Cooperation with Jan Šrámek.

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80's Playground, Saint-Ex center, Reims

profile picture of the mapping game

An interactive installation created for the Prague Handball Cup. This game is based on interactive projection mapping that transforms physical elements on the wall, such as shelves and posters, into a fully responsive gaming experience.

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Demonz,  Mapping Playground, Prague

profile picture of the outdoor game with touch wall

An outdoor interactive installation presented at BLIK BLIK in Pilsen. During the light festival visitors cooperated to navigate the ball through a labyrinth in an outdoor virtual game.

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Labyrinth, Outdoor Mapping Playground, Pilsen

Looking for interactive wall with many games?

Gaming console

This self-installation package is the recommended option for starting with INITI Playground as it provides an effortless setup process and includes 5 pre-installed games. If you have a single projector setup, this gaming console is the ideal choice for you.

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